Monday, 15 October 2012

Books vs e-books - has the debate gone away yet?

Or will it never go away?

Newsweek produced the following comparison a couple of years ago, and whilst things have moved on a little since then it still raises some interesting points, not least that the most eco-friendly way to read a book is to walk to your local library.

© Newsweek 2010

The question I'm most intrigued by is the strap line - does one have to win? Just because e-readers have taken off massively, and traditional book sales are down, does the former have to spell the end for what I try (and fail) to avoid calling "proper" books?

I have a Kindle, and it's great. But I love the feel, the heft and the tangibility of real books. I have an MP3 player too, but I prefer to buy CDs. Is it just me that still prefers the physical product? Guess I'm just a cup of tea man in a latte world...

How about you?


  1. I have been suffering temptation anxiety lately about the idea of finally giving in and buying a kindle. However, like you, even though I download lots of music on mp3, I still buy CDs... and I can't imagine a day when I wouldn't buy books as well.

    1. If I were you I'd take the plunge, but only after reading this interesting thread at the always-interesting Bitterwallet about who owns your ebooks in the Amazon world...