Friday, 24 August 2012

Free as a bird, apparently

First off, two points* to anyone who identifies the film dialogue from which this post's title is taken.

Secondly, in honour of having a nice long Bank Holiday weekend, I figure you need some short stories to read. So, today and tomorrow, Turn Around Where Possible will be free over at Amazon. Then, on Sunday and Monday, Cold will be free.

Here are some links:

Turn Around Where Possible:


And as I've said before, don't worry, you don't need a Kindle to read e-books bought from the Amazon Kindle Store.

* Points have no value but hey, you earn my respect.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Anniversary promo's... get 'em while they're hot

Tomorrow will mark a year since the publication of Dark Steps. To celebrate, I've got a couple of promotions running that might encourage you to give Dark Steps a try if you haven't already done so.

Want an ebook? Use promotional code KS35K at checkout to get 34% off the price of Dark Steps in the ebook format of your choice at Smashwords (expires 10th August).

Want a paperback? Use promotional code ASTOUND20 at checkout to get a further 20% off the price of a physical copy of Dark Steps at Lulu (expires 12th August).

Of course if you just want it for you Kindle, as most people seem to, you can find it and more here.

Cheers - happy shopping.