Tuesday, 25 October 2011

...today we've got Martin Pond in the studio...

Following on from my recent phone interview with Future Radio's Kate Roma, last Sunday I went into the studio to do a longer interview with David Eastaugh as part of Future's arts programme, Platform. David is pictured left, holding a preview copy of Dark Steps. I was very nervous but David put me at ease and we had a nice chat about writing, the book and more besides. You can have a listen below - sorry if the sound quality is a bit tinny, but I had to really compress it to beat my host's 5MB file size limit.

Future Radio interview, 23-Oct-2011


  1. he looks like a lovely interviewer, and nice jumper too!

  2. Can't say I paid too much attention to his knitwear, Gill, but if I'm ever invited back, I'll take a closer look...