A comprehensive list of reviews received online, and other media, can be found further down the page. Here are some notable highlights.

On Drawn To The Deep End: "This is a painfully truthful story of a man slipping ever deeper into the mire. A sharp and powerful piece of writing, with a darkly comic sense of humour under the surface."
Dr Ian Nettleton, author and lecturer in creative writing, 18th September 2017.

On Cold: "The story was compelling. The writing ... kept me interested until the bitter end."
Alain Gomez, Book Brouhaha, 4th September 2013.

On Dark Steps: "The writing is crisp, the dialogue believable, and the editing is very good ... Pond is a master at this particular form of writing."
The Masquerade Crew Reviews, 5th August 2012.

"...the writing within the stories ... is almost uniformly striking and very memorable. I come back to these stories again and again to remind myself of the gratifying arc of tension, suspense, and relief demonstrated in Dark Steps, as well as the intelligence in the writing, the observant eye in the narration and the terrible moment of realisation that something is not quite right..."
Andrea Holland, poet and lecturer in creative writing, 15th March 2012.

"I have not had a story with so few words have so huge of an impact before ... Pond uses words more efficiently than anyone I have ever read."
Tammy Gaines, Novel Opinion, 2nd February 2012.

"Like a British Stephen King."
Dr Ian Nettleton, author and lecturer in creative writing, 19th December 2011.

On Near-Death Experience: "...the surprise reveal ... forces the reader to rethink the significance of everything that has just been read."
Ian Chung, Sabotage Reviews, 29th November 2011.

On Dark Steps: "An excellent collection of unexpected tales told in everyday surroundings with a vein of dark humour running just below the surface."
Rol Hirst, Sunset Over Slawit, 8th September 2011.

On Dream Feed: "A chilling tale of demonic abduction, worthy of le Fanu. It is succinctly structured with barely a word wasted and plays cleverly on the ambiguous significance of sounds...A horribly compelling fable!"
On Resolution: "A persuasive drama of a life fallen into ruin, well orchestrated by the story’s ‘count down’ structure."
Dr John Yeoman, Writers' Village, 15th July 2011.

"...there are many other points at which Unthology 1 rises to a level that has earned my profound respect...With 'Waiting Room', Martin Pond conjures up a near-futuristic world in which a boy is about to take a test, except no one will tell him what it is about, which has disastrous consequences for him."
Ian Chung, Sabotage Reviews, 3rd April 2011.

"...Waiting Room is an intriguing and mysterious Brave New World-type tale set in the near future which keeps the reader guessing right to the end..."
Eastern Daily Press, 4th December 2010.


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