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13/01/2014Reading, Books, and More BooksTurn Around Where Possible was reviewed
06/10/2013A Lover Of BooksInterview for Sonya Kemp
04/09/2013Book BrouhahaCold was reviewed by Alain Gomez
11/07/2013Short Fiction SpotlightCold was reviewed by Jason Varrone (site now defunct)
12/03/2013Short Fiction SpotlightTurn Around Where Possible was featured (site now defunct)
08/03/2013GoodreadsDark Steps was reviewed by novelist Sarah Jane Dobbs (with a mini review of Cold too)
06/03/2013Momma Says ReadDark Steps was reviewed by Pappa
24/02/2013Momma Says ReadCold was reviewed by mother-and-daughter combo Ellen and Lili
13/08/2012Rachael H. DixonInterview for Rachael
10/08/2012Casual DebrisUnthology No.1 was reviewed, in some detail, by Zybahn
05/08/2012Masquerade CrewDark Steps was reviewed by Crew member Wilma
04/07/2012Indie E-book ReviewDark Steps was reviewed by Debbie Bennett
24/06/2012Front Row LitDark Steps was featured
13/06/2012The Akamai ReaderDark Steps was reviewed by Opal Kiehm
01/06/2012Incredible Indie eBooksDark Steps was featured (site now defunct)
26/05/20121001 First LinesInterview for Scarlett Rugers
21/05/2012Life on the Written PageInterview for Ty Johnston
18/05/2012Kate KerrowDark Steps was reviewed by Kate
17/05/2012Indie BookSpotDark Steps was reviewed by Chris Algernon
17/05/2012Kindle PostDark Steps was featured
11/05/2012Short Story SymposiumDark Steps was featured
27/04/2012Flurries Of WordsDark Steps was 'book of the day'
22/04/2012Vues and ReviewsTurn Around Where Possible was reviewed by Archie Standwood
22/04/2012FreebooksyTurn Around Where Possible was featured
21/04/2012A Lover Of BooksDark Steps was reviewed by Sonya Kemp
18/04/2012Surrounded By BooksFeatured by Cherie Reich as part of her A-Z author challenge
06/04/2012Kindle MojoDark Steps was featured on this US e-book site (site now defunct)
29/03/2012Two Ends of the PenInterview for Debra L. Martin
17/03/2012Bargain eBooksDark Steps was featured on this US e-book site
06/03/2012Parlez MoiGuest "writers on writing" blog post for Kathleen Valentine
05/03/2012Why Did You Write That?Interview for Peter Lewis
05/03/2012Indie BookSpotInterview for John Warner
23/02/2012Good KindlesDark Steps was featured on this Polish Kindle site
02/02/2012Novel OpinionDark Steps was reviewed by Tammy Gaines
13/01/2012Indie BooksInterview for the Indie Books blog
06/01/2012Kate's ReadsDark Steps was reviewed by Kindle Book Review contributor Kate Farrell
04/01/2012Inside BooksDark Steps was reviewed by Simon Quicke
29/11/2011Sabotage ReviewsDark Steps was reviewed by Ian Chung
23/10/2011Future RadioInterview for David Eastaugh's Platform arts show
05/10/2011Future RadioInterview for Kate Roma's Drivetime show
08/09/2011Sunset Over SlawitDark Steps was reviewed by Rol Hirst
22/08/2011Kindle AuthorInterview for David Wisehart
03/04/2011Sabotage ReviewsUnthology No.1 was reviewed by Ian Chung
14/03/2011Norwich magazineUnthology No.1 was featured in Issue 2
08/03/2011The Short ReviewUnthology No.1 was reviewed by Mira Mattar
20/01/2011Ink, Sweat and TearsUnthology No.1 was reviewed by Sarah Bower
04/12/2010Eastern Daily PressUnthology No.1 was reviewed in Britain's best-selling regional daily