Thursday, 3 January 2013

Write a review, win a prize...

Reviews help fledgling authors. There, I've come out and said it, no beating around the bush. Getting a good review is hard, and often involves (e)mailing out dozens and dozens of review copies and then sitting back, all fingers crossed, waiting and hoping.

Some of my titles have been reviewed on various book blogs around the world - you can find a list of the ones I know about here - and of course there are lots of reviews on Amazon, Goodreads and the like.

But I'm greedy. I want more. And you can help.

If you've bought either Dark Steps, Turn Around Where Possible or Cold and haven't written a review yet... well, what are you waiting for? Write a review on your blog, or on Amazon or Goodreads or Lulu or wherever else, then post a link to the review in the comments for this post. Then on the 1st of March I'll pick the best (by which I mean best written, not necessarily the most glowing) new review and the writer of it will win a free ebook from yours truly, either Dark Steps, Turn Around Where Possible or Cold (winner's choice).

How does that sound? Write a review online somewhere, let me know in the comments and, come the 1st of March, you could win an ebook. What could be simpler?

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