Tuesday, 26 June 2012

No Kindle? No problem! (Or, why are you doing Amazon exclusives when I don't have a Kindle?)

The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that two of my short stories, Turn Around Where Possible and Cold, are only currently available via Amazon, for Kindle. <plug class="shameless">You can get them here and here respectively.</plug>

Now some people have asked me why this is, when I've published other things using Lulu and Smashwords too. The answer is simple - Amazon run a programme called KDP Select which, in return for short-term exclusivity, offers the author promotional tools that would otherwise not be available to him or her. Like going free for a day or two here and there. And it works - at least it has for me, so far. The rush of paid Turn Around sales I've had in the last six weeks is almost entirely attributable to earlier free days.

I've heard some gripes though, along the lines of "I want to read these stories of yours but hey, mister, I don't have a Kindle." News flash - you don't need one! Because Amazon make a fine selection of entirely free Kindle reading apps with which you can consume content from the Kindle store exactly as if you had one of their increasingly-ubiquitous reading devices. If you have a smartphone (Android or iPhone), PC, Mac or a tablet (Android of iPad), there's a Kindle reading app for you. They all work a treat. And did I mention they're all free?

You can download your app, or apps, of choice here. And once you've done that, you can get some content for them here...

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