Tuesday, 24 January 2012

For a limited time... get Dark Steps from Lulu with free postage and packing!

So, you want to buy a paperback copy of Dark Steps but the high postage and packing costs (over which I have no control, by the way) put you off. Who can blame you? Dark Steps is currently £2.99 but then so is shipping, effectively doubling the cost.

Well, never fear, because until 31st January the nice folks at Lulu are running a "free shipping" promotion. Simply enter the promo code WHOASHIPPINGUK305 at checkout to have your P&P costs removed. Completely! Bargain or what?

Terms and conditions doubtless apply (I think there's a £50 limit but hey, £50 is a lot of P&P) but come on, hurry over to Lulu and buy Dark Steps right now!

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